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BluMetric was Instrumental in Bringing Potable Water to Iqaluit Residents

Operation LENTUS 21

BluMetric Environmental Inc. is committed to providing clean drinking water in emergency situations. On October 12, 2021, Iqaluit declared a state of emergency due to its contaminated water supply. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) responded on October 23, 2021, by deploying mobile water purification units that were designed and built by BluMetric. These units were successful in providing potable water to local residents.

BluMetric’s emergency water treatment solution is designed to be deployed in the harshest of environments. It is proven to remove carbon, biological, radioactive and nuclear contaminants and 99.9 per cent of all bacteria and viruses. The treatment system operates within a 20-foot container and is truck, rail, and air portable.

“The foundation of our portable water treatment systems is operational simplicity and mission-tested reliability through real-world deployment experience,” says Scott MacFabe, CEO of BluMetric. “But the greatest impact is the humanitarian one, bringing life-sustaining clean water to people who need it.”

The Canadian Armed Forces has successfully operated the BluMetric treatment system during Humanitarian Relief Missions in Haiti and the Philippines and Iqaluit was the first arctic mission. This mission was a critical test of these systems in some of the harshest, northern conditions. Instrumental to the success of this deployment was the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) unit, that operated the system with skill and agility in subfreezing conditions.

On December 11, 2021, the Canadian Armed Forces received notification that local water supplies in Iqaluit had been restored. BluMetric provided 24-hour standby support throughout the deployment.

“We see a global demand for our mobile water cleantech. There is a critical need to provide safe drinking water in a world of climate uncertainty,” said MacFabe. “We look forward to our next mission supporting the Department of National Defence and finding ways to expand the reach of our cleantech to emerging opportunities in Canada and abroad.”

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