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BC-Based OSI Maritime Systems Teams With ARCHE In Support of Growing German Market

ARCHE Systeme GmbH (ARCHE) will be receiving approved training to become an OSI In-Country Service Partner. The move comes in conjunction with OSI being awarded the F-126 new build Frigate programme Integrated Bridge System (DAMEN Prime contractor) and the K-130 Navigation System upgrade program for which ARCHE is the Prime contractor.

“We’re excited with our growth in Germany and about the growing relationship we have with ARCHE,” stated Ken Kirkpatrick, President and CEO of OSI. “Their knowledge and expertise as well as the close support already delivered to the German Navy is a real strength, making them an ideal partner for OSI to grow our footprint in Germany and the perfect partner in our support of Federal German Navy.”

ARCHE includes navigation systems expertise from project management to integration and installation of systems onboard naval vessels. With a history of over 20 years, ARCHE has worked with the German Federal Navy, regional shipyards, and well-known defence primes. Core competencies include hardware and software development and sensor integration.

ARCHE CEO and Owner Joachim Ristau added, “OSI and ARCHE recognise this as an opportunity for our two companies with very similar cultures and technology drivers to effectively partner and grow. Additionally, the regional customers will benefit most from the combined naval navigation expertise we can offer.”

The integrated bridge systems for F-126 and K-130 are based on OSI’s Integrated Navigation & Tactical System (INTS). Powered by ECPINS, the INTS offers commonality, a robust, ergonomic navigation system, along with critical tactical capabilities required by today’s modern navies. The end solution is highly efficient from crew management and operational perspective.

“Recognizing what OSI offers in advance navigation capabilities, and on the strength of the Company’s wins in Germany and a growing demand, OSI is well-positioned to grow in the region,” said Jim Davison, VP of Business Development, OSI. “The partnership training and the combined synergies that OSI and ARCHE bring to the table make us a powerhouse in the field of navigation and tactical systems offering.”

OSI In-Country Service Partner training is a comprehensive development program designed to equip partners with expert knowledge that provides a quick, focused response to a customer service case.


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