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Babcock Partners with OVA

Babcock Canada has partnered with OVA, a technology company based in Quebec, to support OVA’s innovative ‘AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus’ project. The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus is a virtual initiative to develop intelligent, adaptive, and interactive environments tailored to the needs of an organization. It will allow individuals without a background in programming to create custom virtual worlds for their needs.

Using OVA’s StellarX platform, Babcock was able to import data and develop full scale models for their specific naval environment. The platform enabled rapid design and digital twinning, making the training environments and applications more efficient and effective.

The partnership is an indirect investment under the Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) Policy, which is part of Babcock’s commitment to meeting its IRB obligations to Canada on the Victoria In-Service Support Contract.

The IRB Policy requires companies to undertake high value-added business activities and investments in Canada equal to the value of their contract, creating jobs and fostering economic growth.

OVA’s flagship software, StellarX, makes remote collaboration and training more efficient, and situations that would otherwise be costly or logistically complex are made cost-effective through curated immersive environments and interactive content.

It was an exciting year for OVA’s StellarX:

OVA has entered ISED’s ‘Pathway to Commercialization’ enabling Canadian Government Organizations to procure OVA’s products and services (direct-buy contracts up to $8M) for a three-year period.

This exciting news comes from OVA’s delivery on their $1.2 million contract by supplying their Digital Twin creation software ‘StellarX’ to HMCS Venture (the Testing Authority). StellarX was used for creating Virtual and Mixed Reality content for this group (formerly the Naval Training and Development Centre Pacific, NTDC-P). StellarX, which is also available on desktop, was used to build life-like Digital Twins of marine systems to address training and collaboration needs for new and existing ship staff. With training scenario results and demonstrations, the naval community can continue to use StellarX to suit their needs for training, design review, work instructions, and equipment maintenance. Scenarios can be accessed and experienced collaboratively by the RCN anywhere across the globe. Under this contract, OVA delivered maintenance instructions for the Reverse Osmosis Desalination and Blackwater systems, an educational rendering and interactive animation of the High Pressure Air Dryer, Shoring activities (Damage Control) and a Remote Assist capability on the HoloLens.

OVA nearing completion of $5.5M Digital Supercluster Project in partnership with Babcock Canada, Masterpiece Studio, Cognitive3D, and Toronto Metropolitan University.

With co-investment from the Digital Technology Supercluster, the AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus project enables non-programmers to develop their own immersive Digital Twins and training environments through simple drag-and-drop creation. Defense suppliers can pair their existing training material with the tools developed as a result of this project. Together, they will be well-equipped to execute their digital transformation strategies and formulate use cases to secure support contracts under the following training programs:

  • Future Aircrew Training Program
  • Future Naval Training Systems
  • Future Fighter Capability Project
  • Land Vehicle Crew Training System

To learn more about this partnership, visit Babcock Canada (Booth 321) or OVA (Booth CL8) at CANSEC 2023.

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