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ANB enters into agreement with Voyageur Aviation to station new air ambulance on Grand Manan

Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB), in partnership with the Department of Health and in consultation with local Grand Manan Village Council, announced they have a signed contract with Voyageur Aviation that will see an air ambulance stationed on the island of Grand Manan by September 2024. This aircraft will be the third in the provincial air ambulance program’s fleet, with two other aircraft (primary and mechanical back-up) already being operated by Voyageur.

“After much hard work, we are excited to announce this improvement to air ambulance services on the island of Grand Manan,” said Craig Dalton, CEO of EM/ANB Inc. “We are proud to be able to continue our excellent working relationship with Voyageur, which has been the primary air ambulance provider for New Brunswick for more than 25 years. We value their long track record of providing safe and reliable air transport services.”

24/7 Advanced Care Paramedic coverage to be added to island as part of new service

This will also be the first time Grand Manan will benefit from 24/7 Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) staffing, complementing the excellent care currently provided by the Primary Care Paramedics stationed on the island. Through their education and certification, ACPs are able to provide a host of additional interventions and advanced medication administration. The level of air ambulance service will transition to 24/7 Advanced Life Support (ALS) service available – a first for Grand Manan.

“This is a significant, concrete step forward in improving access to care for the residents of Grand Manan,” said Bruce Fitch, Minister of Health. “Today’s announcement is the culmination of substantial work by many partners. I want to thank everyone for their patience as work was happening behind the scenes to make this service a reality.”

ANB’s provincial air ambulance program currently utilizes a primary and secondary (mechanical back-up) aircraft – both of which are King Air 200 models, allowing for enhanced ability to operate in a wider range of inclement weather conditions. The Grand Manan aircraft will also be a King Air 200 and will mirror the provincial program’s existing planes, equipped with the same avionics and capability.

“Voyageur has built a strong partnership with Ambulance New Brunswick and has developed a high-performing service, supported by a well-equipped aircraft and an experienced and dedicated team,” said Cory Cousineau, President, Voyageur Aviation. “As we continue to collaborate with Ambulance New Brunswick and the Department of Health to enhance our services for the province, our team will maintain safe and reliable operations for the people of New Brunswick and the island of Grand Manan.”

In the months leading to this aircraft being stationed on Grand Manan, ANB continues to collaborate closely with Voyageur towards maximizing the usage of the provincial air ambulance’s back-up aircraft in support of services on Grand Manan whenever operational requirements allow. This interim solution is anticipated to be partially operational starting in March, while work is done to prepare for the new aircraft to be stationed on the island by September 2024.

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