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Airbus Launches Seven New SmartForce Services for Military Customers

Airbus has launched seven new products for military customers under its digital support services offering SmartForce. With these additions, Airbus expands the SmartForce offering by allowing customers to select the services that best fit the specific requirements of their fleets and aircraft mix. This helps improve availability and mission readiness while reducing the maintenance burden. These seven new services include three dedicated services for military aircraft, two for military helicopters, and two additional ones shared by both military aircraft and helicopters.

The development of new digital services, through SmartForce, is the Airbus response to the growing requirement of military customers to leverage big data analytics in support of their operations.

The new services, ranging from long-term maintenance scheduling to predictive maintenance as well as automation of administrative tasks associated with aircraft support, have attracted customer and industry support. This includes the French Procurement Agency (DGA – Direction Générale de l’Armement) which, through its technology development programme Optaforce, has partnered with Airbus and start-up COSLING to develop and mature a tool for mixed fixed and rotary-wing fleet management and long-term maintenance scheduling.

Matthieu Louvot, Executive Vice President of Customer Support & Services at Airbus Helicopters, said: “With SmartForce our military customers now have access to the same type of data-driven solutions that are today in use with almost 700 civil helicopters, an achievement that highlights the importance of data analytics for simpler, safer and more efficient maintenance planning and operations.”

Stephan Miegel, Head of Airbus Military Aircraft Services, said: “We currently provide service support to more than 1,600 fixed wing military aircraft. Through our SmartForce offering, customers are enabled to benefit from the digitalisation of these services and the increased benefits this brings in terms of smart fleet and maintenance management and improved availability.”

SmartForce services for military aircraft and helicopter operators improve troubleshooting, optimise the maintenance effort, predict maintenance actions, and plan smartly for material demand. To satisfy military security requirements, SmartForce incorporates robust security measures such as geographic isolation, the use of accredited personnel, and monitoring by national cyber-security authorities.

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