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Admiral Art McDonald Pushes for Reinstatement During Interview with CTV News

Admiral Art McDonald sat down with Genevieve Beauchemin for an interview regarding his removal from the Canadian Armed Forces’ top position.

Admiral Art McDonald voluntarily stepped aside from his duties as Chief of Defence Staff on February 24, 2021 amid allegations of misconduct. On August 6th, the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal, Brig.-Gen. Simon Trudeau, announced that after an investigation conducted by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, no charges would be laid against Adm McDonald.

Now that the investigation is over and he won’t be charged, he says he wants to go back to work. McDonald made the following statements during that interview.

“I do want my job back, I think its important. I’ve not done anything wrong. I’ve acted with Integrity in response to allegations. I’ve been exonerated as a result of a rigorous and thorough investigation, and I remain a real champion of culture change. I’m committed to it. And I think that by advocating for my job what I am saying is simply that we can’t have a system where allegations alone are sufficient for removing someone.”

“We need to respect due process and I think that we’ve heard from all quarters through these series of allegations that due process needs to be respected or else you only have witch hunts.”

The allegation was linked to an incident in 2010 aboard HMCS Montreal. Navy Lt. Heather Macdonald has come forward identifying herself as the complainant. She has never spoken publicly about what happened.

When it was announced that no charges were to be laid, Art Macdonald said he assumed he would return to work however, he is instead still on paid leave while DND reviews his case. He also stated that he understands many individuals no longer have faith in the process that has cleared him.

“Let’s be honest, we need to rebuild trust within the Canadian Forces, with women, with all subordinates, between subordinates and superiors and with the Canadian public.” “I believe I’m the right person to do that. I am not guilty of what I was alleged to have done. I insisted on a rigorous investigation, did everything in my power to ensure that happened, and after it has been completed now, I want to continue with the work.”

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