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Acting CDS Announces the 2021 CAF General and Flag Officer Senior Appointments, Promotions & Retirements


The Acting Chief of the Defence Staff announced the 2021 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) General and Flag Officer (GOFO) senior appointments, promotions, and retirements. General Officers (Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force) and Flag Officers (Royal Canadian Navy) lead the CAF in defending our country’s values and interests, here at home and abroad. They share the responsibility for the stewardship of the entire institution, and for the profession of arms as a whole.

Every year permanent and temporary positions are created and removed. This year, the following permanent and temporary GOFO positions have been created to meet CAF operational requirements:

• To steer and control the development and further evolution of joint combat systems within the CAF and the Department of National Defence, a temporary position has been created which will be accountable to the CDS and in support of Canada’s Defence Policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged. This position will set the conditions for the execution of an approved joint combat systems solution, ultimately enhancing and expanding existing and future interoperability of the CAF. Lieutenant-General Michael Rouleau will be appointed to the new position as Strategic Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff on Future Capabilities, in Ottawa.

• The CAF will be sending a General Officer to the United States to advise, monitor and assess the execution of joint and combined combat and crisis operations and planning throughout the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of responsibility. Major-General Derek Macaulay will be appointed to the new position as the USCENTCOM Vice Director of Operations in Tampa, Florida.

• To provide supervision and oversight of all Data, Innovation, Analytics Group business management functions including Public Affairs and Strategic Communications, Human Resources, Finance/Comptrollership, Business Planning and internal Data Analytics. Brigadier-General Christopher Zimmer will be promoted to Major-General and appointed Chief of Staff (Data, Innovation, Analytics) in Ottawa.

• To provide supervision and oversight of Digital Enterprise Modernization activities, including the Defence Resource Business Modernization (DRMIS) Programme, as well as developing options for future programme or project portfolios for other Defence enterprise digital modernization efforts. Commodore Steven Thornton will be appointed Director General Digital Enterprise Modernization (DG DEM) in Ottawa.

• To provide supervision and oversight of all corporate business management functions for the Chief of Combat Systems Integration, provide input into strategic direction for the development of DND/CAF plans, programs requirements and analysis related to the capital equipment procurement, Pan Domain Command and Control solutions, Operational Sustainment optimization, DND digital initiatives development and Professional Military Education oversight. Brigadier-General Keith Osmond will be appointed Deputy Chief of Combat Systems Integration in Ottawa.

• The CAF will be sending a General Officer on a three-year rotation to NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe to provide cross-cutting authority, direction and requirement setting at the strategic level for all project, maintain and sustain functions of logistics. Brigadier-General Carla Harding will be appointed Assistant Chief of Staff J4 (Logistics) in Casteau, Belgium.

This year, the following permanent and temporary GOFO positions have been removed:

• CENTCOM J4 (MGen/RAdm)

• NATO Mission Iraq (MGen/RAdm)

• Queens University Fellowship (BGen/Cmdre)

• Associate Director General – Data, Innovations and Analytics (BGen/Cmdre)

• OPERATION IMPACT Military Liaison Team (BGen/Cmdre)

• Maritime Component Command Deputy Chief of Staff Operations (BGen/Cmdre)

• Combined Task Force 150 (BGen/Cmdre)

• Permanent Mission New York (BGen/Cmdre)

Lieutenant-General Frances Allen is appointed as the new Vice Chief of the Defence Staff.

Lieutenant-General Omer Lavoie will retire from service. Major-General Jocelyn Paul will be promoted Lieutenant-General and be appointed Deputy Commander Allied Joint Force Command, in Naples Italy.

Major-General Guy Chapdelaine will retire from service and his responsibilities as the Canadian Armed Forces Chaplain General. Colonel Guy Belisle will be promoted Brigadier-General and appointed Chaplain General, in Ottawa.

“I am pleased to announce the first round of this year’s selected General and Flag Officers. Each leader will go on to represent Canada, whether at home or abroad, in key decision making positions. The responsibilities of shaping the CAF of the future are great. I know they are all ready for the challenges ahead. To those retiring, my thanks for your service and dedication to Canada.” Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre, Acting Chief of the Defence Staff

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