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250 Jobs in Quebec Preserved, Thanks to AAA & CAE

AAA Canada team working on the sub-assembly of CAE Air1 mechanical ventilators. (CNW Group/AAA Canada)

A few months ago, the Canadian government awarded CAE, a world leader in civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare training, an order for 10,000 units of CAE Air1, its new model of mechanical ventilator designed to save lives in hospitals across the country. AAA Canada, a leading manufacturer in industrialization and production, has been mandated by CAE to carry out certain sub-assemblies of this very important device. During these difficult times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this partnership is indeed, very promising.

To ensure the fulfillment of this major mandate, AAA Canada has invested more than $450,000 in infrastructure required for the development of sub-assembly lines at affiliate company sites located respectively in Laval and Mirabel. The contract, won by AAA Canada, allows it not only to recall a large number of its workers whom were temporarily laid off following the crisis that affected the aerospace industry as a whole, but also to proceed with the creation of several temporary positions. An invaluable mandate at a time when the economy is faltering, and businesses are running out of steam.

“The health crisis has stifled the Quebec and Canadian economy. The production of the CAE Air1 gave it an unexpected second wind. Thanks to the government’s unwavering support, CAE’s ingenuity and the great responsiveness and flexibility of our workers, we will be able to maintain and create nearly 250 temporary jobs, while helping to save lives. We are very grateful to CAE for this wonderful opportunity and I am extremely proud to witness, once again, AAA Canada’s great determination to dare and innovate,” said Avit Lévesque, General Manager of AAA Canada.

“This is a substantial subsidy as it is equal to the threat this second wave presents to the public health and to the overcrowding of hospitals nationwide. We are proud to have AAA Canada among the Canadian suppliers involved in this collective effort to fight COVID-19. We thank them for their excellent support, expertise and agility,” added Stéphane Roche, Vice President Global Procurement Sourcing and Real Estate at CAE.

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