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2023 CAF General and Flag Officer Senior Promotions & Appointments

The first Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) senior promotions and appointments of General and Flag Officers for 2023 have been announced by General Wayne Eyre, Chief of the Defence Staff. The requirement for General and Flag Officers is driven by the need to lead defence priorities at the institutional level, create and sustain a diverse and inclusive culture, and project leadership abroad.

Major-General M.H.L.Bourgon has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General and remains Acting Chief Military Personnel and Acting Commander Military Personnel Command (CMP/CMPC), in Ottawa.

Additional General and Flag Officer promotions and appointments announced via CANFORGEN 070/23 for those at the rank of Rear-Admiral/Major-General and below will be available on the General and Flag Officer website by visiting General Officers and Flag Officers –

Promotion candidates completed an evidence-based character assessment. Promotion candidates then underwent a “360 degree” evaluation known as the multi-rater assessment. This approach uses a diverse group of evaluators to reduce bias and foster diverse perspectives to obtain a holistic perspective of the candidate’s leadership behaviour and effectiveness. Additionally, the promotion candidate is subject to an interview conducted by a third party, external to Department of National Defence and CAF, which focuses on personal experiences, self awareness, past challenges, failures, and successes.

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